It started with this game that you ask a question and your friend answers with another question – it goes on. Setting: a couch for two, spot lights and oranges to peel. In the course of almost three hours, while biting the juicy oranges, performers kept traveling through personal (let’s remind ourselves that personal is political) questions that maneuvered in between fiction and reality, which opened up appealing discussions or, on the contrary, sometimes just altered the moment into limbo. In such long durational pieces, especially if it’s just about sitting and asking questions, there is a certain moment, when things may fall into nothingness or the event reaches its climax. Both happened in Roni Katz’s soap opera-theatre piece, despite the problematic linear setting – spatially and contextually – that brought us back to the dull, classical dichotomy of stage and audience.

Roni Katz: Between Us or who cares about resolution.28.01.2017, Dock 11, Berlin

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