Maria F. Scaroni & Friends: WET / Amazonas #2, with DJ S Ruston & Astrid Kaminski. 25.03.2017, Sophiensaele, Berlin.

‘Groups of artists are given a task to report on something, like a service’, suggests Maria F. Scaroni in one of her featured interviews with Astrid Kaminski, published in the booklet of the event. Indeed, much like it was their duty or their calling, the Amazonas artists delivered Marge Piercy’s message from her classic novel Women On The Edge Of Time through performative means. Set in a utopian future inhabited by a spiritual, technically advanced and village-adorned society, the story of the protagonist Connie was told through a series of illustrations, readings and performative interventions. Amazonas #2, curated by Claire Vivianne Sobottke, was a true collaboration between script writing, illustration, costume and dance. The result: a feminist, open and engaging experiment dissecting abstract notions of capitalism, gender-fluidity and time-travel with energy and sensuality.

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