Maria F. Scaroni & Friends: WET / Amazonas #2, with DJ S Ruston & Astrid Kaminski. 25.03.2017, Sophiensaele, Berlin.

A plethora of focus points; I spent minutes reading a wall of transcriptions from conversations between Maria, political scientist Wanda Vrasti and Astrid, lounged as a crowd of performers moved the room, then closed my eyes and followed Stephanie Maher on a journey into the somatic plane. “Woman on the Edge of Time” (WET) is a generous proposal that gives access to a complex sci-fi novel by the same name – bummer for non-natives though because so much English text was read out loud. Maybe overwhelming generosity is a theme of this work in that the text poured forth unstoppably, and, on another level, Maria shared the money for a solo production with at least six artists including Heather Purcell, whose illustrations of the novel were created and projected live. Add frenetic improvisations, dj beats and drums, and you get enough stimulus to overwhelm you into a passive state of absorption. What better recipe for time travel?

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