Doris Uhlich + Michael Turinsky: Ravemachine. 21.05.2017, Sophiensaele, Berlin.

Closing Sophiensaele’s four day festival Every Body, which investigates the individual and communicative potentials of ’non-normative‘ bodies, Doris Uhlich and Michael Turinsky present their thumping and explosive duet Ravemachine. „My machine / my machine is yours / your machine / your machine is mine“, utters Turinsky in the first phase of silence, inaugurating one of the piece’s most interesting themes (namely, in which ways do machines erase and enforce our differences?), and introducing the binaries, which will be swapped all performance, between two bodies and two machines: wheelchair and DJ set. With Uhlich as DJ, the crushing beats create the activation energy which brings Turinsky off his chair, into space, and, eventually, into his duet with Uhlich — all of this takes time: careful yet pulsing transformations allow us to feel both the uncanny familiarity and the miraculous strangeness of the human body. While Turinsky’s focus and presence are relentless and concrete, throughout much of the performance Uhlich’s is nonchalant: after having watched her saunter across the stage and mimic movements with an exaggerated casualness, the smooth, endless circles in which she swivels once in the wheelchair — moving not from her spot but creating more drama and meaning than all of her long, purposeful, two-legged strides — remind us that the most obvious/efficient/normative way to do things is not always the most enriching nor the most beautiful. A celebration and an investigation that left as many questions…

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