Mathilde Monnier & La Ribot: Gustavia. 27.08.2017, Tanz im August, HAU1, Berlin.

MachoistA, FeministA, CommunistA, RadicalistA: a woman on a chair, a woman with elbows, a woman in a burka, a woman cutting the burka, cutcutcutcutcut, a woman crying, a woman laughing, a woman closing the door – and show your leg, show your nice legs, up and down and up and down and now jump and climb and smile. This is Gustavias score; Gustavia is the one, she is two, she is several, maybe or maybe not. A quick name research tells me that apparently, she should be “Generous Unconventional Self-Concerned Talented Accommodating Versatile Imaginative and Adventurous”; she is sad and burlesque. A burlesque woman, indeed. Slow and very repetitive, fighting with herself and with her competitive double, enjoying being silly – but at the same she is also a bit démodé and a bit predictable, but nobody is perfect and, as La Ribot said, “que tu crevasses sur je mourusse.”

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