Eszter Salomon: Monument 0.4: Lores & Praxes (a ritual of transformation). 01.09.2017, KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Tanz im August, Berlin.

“Imagine the space around you as flesh and this flesh has no colour and has all the colours: what is the colour of this transformation and when was the last time you’ve been transformed and you’ve let yourself be transformed?”

At some point, you don’t feel the time passing anymore, like freezing in this here and now, although everything is moving inside, feels upside down, hybridized, questioned. When one of the dancers takes us beside them, asks us to close our eyes and to imagine that we are in Asia, speaking five languages and inventing new ones for ourselves, the space suddenly changes. Moments later, after a breath of silence and the click of a ritualistic clock, two dancers drag us into a kind of trance dance, twirling and turning, letting the energy flow through their hands, up to the sky, whereas two others stomp and fight, down to the ground, leaving us shaken, but never alone − please follow them. Resisting, transforming and challenging your inner monuments.

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