Miet Warlop: Mystery Magnet. 16.09.17., Berlin Art Week, HAU2, Berlin.

It is clear that something has gone terribly wrong, but then, like a green balloon suspended in the air, we remember it’s fun. Weaponised, the cruel jeers of skinny legs prove bullies can make beauty, the most of beautiful of gases, the heart of dog — still, it’s important to take care of the things we love. A small stool, a precious companion. Slapped in the face by the perversity of the equestrian, untenable legs, things take a turn for the worse when we lose our protagonist… process is product, medium is messy, but Germany (Berlin? the art audience?) titters at the crucifixion, nervous, titillated, uneasy. Inflatable heads bellow harmonies before everything lies still as ash…  who will sing to us now?

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