Miet Warlop: Fruits of Labor. 16.09.17., Berlin Art Week, HAU1, Berlin.

Sound stretches and doubles over me, inflates my ears, plumps my heart, lanky boys swoop and slide on stage, notes are embellished with our most cherished musical tropes: haircuts, glittering women, the look of the lucky ingenue! A rock cord is played… forever… but the question persists: what is trapped inside a song? An investigation is necessary, precarious, methodologies from incarnation to forensics are deployed as the stage and its players are mobilized, deconstructed, repositioned, and decorated — it’s such great fun! The lick of hot lights and the thrill of my heart lead to different discoveries as the crowd leaps to its feet, terrified, happy, and touched. Mind refastened on the object of the concert.

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