Benjamin Vandewalle: Walking the Line. 06.10.2017, from the Kaaitheater, Brussels.

Thin, tidy men wearing masks paint the nails of much larger ladies, glorious black locks streaming down their face, round cheeks smiling, gold jewellery shining; teenagers with backpacks, in simple communion, chew silently on burgers facing the glass; two cooks toss the contents of a wok and grin handsomely; as we peer through the long black boxes on our heads, a lone cleaning lady generates an impossibly compelling image through our plastic lenses as she interfaces with the limits of depth and perspective. We shiver with numb finger tips, our bodies weary from walking so sensually! Hear everything, smell everything, trailing one another through the city, manipulated by distortions in space and time, we stumble over cobblestones. A concrete surface explodes into perspectival uncertainty; a curved corner emerges as a monolith big, strong, poetic, sacred; we surrender to the movement of architectural form. The radiance of sound, the buoyancy of space.


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