WILHELM GROENER: Schleppen. 01.11.2017, Tanzfabrik Wedding, Uferstudios, Berlin

Exploring the sound of friction.

Two dancers, with the slow and repeated dragging of their limbs across the floor, played the space like an architectural instrument. Piecing together their bodies as if caught in a real-life Tetris game, Günther Wilhelm and Mariola Groener utilised the strong connection that existed between them to further their investigation of movement, sound and their overruling dramaturgical device: the anticlimax. The physical effort of dragging was exaggerated to the point of becoming a real hindrance, abandoning rhythm for unpredictable bouts of intensity, vocalised in a scream that shattered the delicate intrigue with a sharp and piercing force – but in all its destructiveness, paving a new way to the floor, the door, the wall, the rug, the people, the –

At times, the sounds were silent and the silence was loud – perhaps it was more a question of just how loud and just how silent?

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