Philipp Gehmacher/Frédéric Gies/Anna Nowicka: Walk+Talk 33-35. 18.11.2017, Dock 11, Berlin.

Walking and talking, talking and moving − Anna Nowicka and Frédéric Gies guided us through their respective dance practices in two altogether different lecture performances. Nowicka, in a natural continuation of the introductory speech, moved between moments of explanation and demonstration, representing her conceptual approach and work on dreams through physical embodiment and shifting in and out of performance modes, eager to experiment with how far she could take them. Gies remained in constant motion as he told the stories of key influential figures throughout his career and the emergence of artistic collaborations from the sensuous undergrowth of Berlin nightlife, calling forth images of dark clubs and relentless techno while his body moved elegantly through graceful balletic cadences. The two solos, in their attempt to encapsulate the expansiveness of dance making, unfolded much like a Joycean novel does. Wading through swathes of unclear territory to get to the gems.

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