Joshua Rutter: task/force. 18.11.17. SODA WORKS FESTIVAL 10, Uferstudios, Berlin.

Please select the answer that best completes the following sentences:

(1) A ball can be defined as such by…
(a) its size
(b) its shape
(c) its response to the label ‘ball’
(d) its role in creative processes

(2) The power of chalk lies in…
(a) its accessibility and low cost
(b) its impermanence
(c) its ability to depict Buddhist truths about time
(d) its potential for humour
(e) all of the above

(3) To make a home one needs…
(a) plywood
(b) a housing permit
(c) a good sense of geometry
(d) (a) and (b)
(e) (a) and (c)
(f) (b) and (c)

(4) The piece is best considered in light of…
(a) elementary physics
(b) parallel universes
(c) attempts to embody computational processes
(d) a Saturday morning in the garage
(e) (a) and (b)
(f) (a) and (c)
(g) (b) and (d)
(h) all of the above

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