Marco Goecke: Woke Up Blind. 29.11.2017, Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT 1) at Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Berlin.

Make no mistake, it seemed to shout, this evening we will be dancing with our bodies, our full bodies, our virile bodies! Specifically, the arms, arms that initiate our buzzing, birdlike physicality, arms that manipulate heads and torsos, arms that steer bodies through the thickness of space, onto and off of stage, in curves and lines, slicing here, sputtering there. Hot breath. Legacy appears in bare chests and red trousers, it’s true, but if this piece is about running with and against the music, stretching and pushing itself with the current, if it is about youth, if it is about speed, if it is about abandon…

Solo and duo moments are estatic, but is tightly timed ensemble work, excited by its own energy, moving away from the themes at hand — or is this love?

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