Claire Cunningham and Jess Curtis: The Way You Look (At Me) Tonight. 12.01.2018, American Realness, Gibney Dance Center, New York.

The rupture began with pointing out the right seats to experience the touch and gaze, being more exposed to each other to delve into the phenomena of peripheral fluctuation, a term coined by disabled theorist Bill Shannon, they stare at me and the moment I look back at them, the gaze pretends that nothing has happened. What kind of a gaze is directed at the disabled body; what is the normative walk; what is cripping up; how does the neutralizing-desexualizing gaze function?

Queer theory, object-oriented ontology, and post-human were scattered around the talks, solos with crutches and newly transplanted hips (as in the case of Curtis) and duets with talking bodies.

What if? Fred Astaire and Judy Garland dancing with crutches and wheelchairs, undoing the way we look (at them) with our normative mainstream minds.

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