Two princess dresses, two competing doppelgangers, two sets of crutches — two bodies
can make many things. For instance, two bodies, contra the individual (always staggeringly vulnerable in her unique absurdities), can look like a tribe, powerful enough to bring their metaphysical reality to bear on ours. And once it is established what there is and what there isn’t, two can look like a comparative analysis, with bodies, histories, and choices held up next to one another, flipped over and over again like cards, comforting us in thiswash of chance, or slamming us relentlessly with the fact of itself. And if two see that they are two, then this can look like a conversation, and indeed it can sometimes make one, between bodies, worlds, generations, audience and player, between the voices in one’shead. Looking back.

Springing from a video impression of ›Princess‹ by Eisa Jocson,
›Situation mit Doppelgänger‹ by HAUPTAKTION, ›The Way You Look (at me)
Tonight‹ by Claire Cunningham/Jess Curtis

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