Katerina Andreou: BSTRD. 28.04.2018. Young Choreographers Festival. Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens.

Take Four: four beats per bar, four T-Shirts, three on top of each other plus a spare one, four sides of the space standing on its angle, four sides of a figure of space inside of the one standing on its angle. Katerina Andreou uses a clear, minimalist arrangement and a clear, minimalist structure: permutations, permutations, permutations, permutations. And meanwhile we get used to the spectrum of the recorded down-/back-/off- and so forth beats – whoever has put them on this LP and interrupted them by shouting four times GO! (Eric Yvelin?) – there is no way counting the variations that strike like sparks out of Katerina’s legs and her elastic yet somehow resisting torso. The rhythms of a drum set outnumbered by a soloist dancer – a revolution! And all the traces of long years of dance ploughing through the rosin on the ground: effaced – lying like a dusty memory over the spare T-Shirt to finally be worn and all the rosin raising from it like a cloud of evaporated steps.

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