Elizabeth Streb: SEA (Singular Extreme Actions). 15.08.2018, Internationales Sommerfestival, Kampnagel, Hamburg.

Sure, dancers are wrecking their bodies, I know, but do I have to watch them collapsing, dancing at the border of paraplegia, pushing themselves over the edge, searching, in fact, danger, in a performance that’s not founded in the tradition of art and ritual but in the tradition of entertainment? On the other hand: Why shouldn’t I? Yes, „SEA (Singular Extreme Actions)“ by Elizabeth Streb is not highbrow art, it’s sweaty, loud, shocking, it’s an extensive use of body material and nothing more, it’s closer to sports and pornography than to contemporary dance, but at the same time it’s honest: People are wrecking their bodies, that’s what dancers do, and it’s fine. Me, personally, I’m not that interested in sports. Whatever.

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