Julia Rodríguez: Later. 25.08.2018, Tanznacht, Uferstudios, Berlin.

Smooth jazz so quiet we could be in a movie, pantlessness so unabashed we could be in an old-folks home, and a certain tender way of touching things combined into a pleasurably bizarre opening that gave me ASMR. Julia Rodríguez’ finely-tuned performance, Later, featured an exposed vagina, and as her topic, vanishing acts, slowly emerged, I imagined that she was referencing a sub-genre of exotic dancing in which objects disappear. Taking that as a seed, Rodríguez’s text 2/3 deep – water down the drain, vanishing act, a building falling down, vanishing act – created a garden.

But this possessed, magically slow, unfolding of the work, accent of inhaled movements and that wig now elsewhere in the room}

She dances and smiles, knowing full well what we see, not see, see, she turns, she smiles, knowing full well, she disappears.

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