Silvia Gribaudi: R. OSA_10 EXERCISES FOR NEW VIRTUOSITIES.28.08.2018. HAU 3. Tanz im August, Berlin.

And there she stands, Claudia Marsicano, with a smirky smile playing on her lips, waiting for the effect of her sheer, fully fleshed presence, of her utterly exuberant bodily curves to sink into the audience’s retina – she has us, and she will continue having us in her pocket with her disarming, unbeatable charm that carries us through from exercise to exercise, and we cannot help but execute some of them together with her, encouraged by her encouragement, enraptured by her spell, continuously catching the spark of her eyes.

The solo arrives at its peak when exercise no. 8 sees her virtuously face-dancing to the song „Toxic” by Britney Spears.

Virtuosity beyond fail, beyond criticism! Her being herself is an act of defiance that one can classify as virtuosity within and by itself, because knowing how to carry yourself on stage is a performative skill, yet, being a female, weighty, scantily clad performer doing so as a soloist, without even mentioning the subject as such, without addressing it, without making it an issue, by simply making it happen as a factual „this is it” moment, just is an act of sheer genius… Which new virtuosities can we come up with to follow her in her footsteps?

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