Noé Soulier: The Waves. 30.08.2018. HAU2, Tanz im August, Berlin.

It’s like the dam has broken. Crashing into space, bursting out of nowhere, starting together but continuing alone, collecting in clusters only to be ruptured by the overwhelming forces of the restless ocean. They are guided by a stream of percussive throws (aiming at imaginary subjects or objects or coast lines?) and as they pass through floods and droughts they stay highly in tune with one another and those high-pitched tones, repeatedly disturbing the space with rhythms that are never completed but rather constantly interrupted. This great body of water, this mass of collective processes, this surging machine that has no goal but to recalculate itself, to multiply, to proliferate in soft, intermittent ripples or in sudden, sweeping blows; and I am left to wonder, will we one day be dancing to the beat of the algorithm?

Like the shuffling of feet on the pavement.

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