Gob Squad: Western Society. 23.11.2018, HAU1, Berlin

Enter the golden game show that is tailored towards you. Follow the green lines, pick up the beer and take a sip, lean forward – play it cool. Everybody in the auditorium can see you but you don’t mind because you’re following your instructions through headphones – you know what to do. Watch as Sharon juggles between following her cues and whispering to the little herd of audience-members-turned-actors around her, giving you an exclusive, intimate insight into the complex inner-workings of the whole façade. Come out for a moment and swap a few words with your neighbour, connect over prescribed happy dancing or a shared smile, maybe take another sip of champagne – relax in an absurd scenario where the fourth wall has been breached one hundredfold, but you feel oddly comfortable. Is this a REAL LIFE reality show?

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