Colette Sadler / Colin Self: Temporary Store / Present Futures, 15.02.2019. Sophiensaele, Berlin.

In the end it all made sense, as i woke up from the hypnotic sounds of Éliane Radigue’s „Trilogie de la mort“, slowing my inner system down to a will-less being. It all made sense when I connected back to the trouble at stake, listening to and caring about what we are composed of and composted from. Colette Sadler’s choreography „Temporary Store“ presents a dystopian now, like a time loop we cannot escape anymore, a store with nothing to sell, a life whitout death, an ever more successful jump over that mythological River Styx. But where to move from here, what to bring back from that timeless journey into my world, what to care about (apart from being mesmerized by dancer Leah Marojevic’s turning)? It is only when performer and singer Colin Self – in the conversation-series „Present Futures“, together with Sadler, moderator Astrid Kaminski and with Donna Harraway as backing voice – opens up a perspective on how to stay in that trouble by creating platforms for exchange, by seeing technology not as our all time enemy (wasn’t it nature in the end that created the internet?) and how to not be overwhelmed by the data infiltrating our skin, that i see how …

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