Montag Modus Klimata #2: THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU. 06.05.2019, Künstlerhaus am Flutgraben, Berlin.

The overarching theme of this particular edition of Montag Modus seems to be the various initiatives taken by artists to positively, constructively deal with the dreadful future we are headed for as a human species, to build happier bridges towards an „after-human“ epoch and a happier relationship with the non-human.

Let us think of aliens as friendly others with whom mating is a rather agreeable prospect, considering the homo sapiens’s bad track record in terms of living together, let us consider a multi-modular temple where working with the world’s rubbish is a mind-expanding affair full of stroboscopic lights, let us activate our saliva to literally spit out our thinking about how to be in „very close unchosen proximity“, like a whale among plastic filling up the oceans, like newly-formed plastic crystals located in the centre of the Earth which will eventually crack open, once the humans have completed their mission to ruin the planet.

In as much as it wrenches one’s guts to witness Siegmar Zacharias excessively produce her mouth’s fluids whilst simultaneously speaking of alienation, it turns one’s guts upside down to realise that, yes, Julian Weber’s broadcasting of mating rituals into outer space is nothing else than a cry for help.

Hungarian company Bodylotion Co-Dance might have another take on the future by designing their own cult, complete with fun play-along rituals, but Maya Weinberg’s depressed alienation from herself, as she pushes two „ego-chairs“ from one side to the other, shifting from serious presence to flaccid submission, very much exemplifies the message:

the hope is the object, the hope is the object, let’s hope for the object, let’s unify with the object, never mind the human, here come the objects, this is not about you, subject no more, no no more…

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