Once We Were Islands: Dogs Of Love – A Queer Quantum Love Story. 18.05.2019, Ballhaus Ost, Berlin.

If I were to draw a picture of this piece, it would be a double helix unravelling. Two strands speed towards each other – they cross, collide and merge, only to spring free again, twist away and fall back into separation. Is this the DNA of a queer history we have not yet discovered? Two runners move between candid and poetic states, between the now and the ever-expanding parallels in time, between birth and death, proximity and distance, heart and head. Set a pace, set a pace, set a pace that is constant, like an eagle overhead, perforating the sky as it flaps its wings on the spot and locates its prey down below, a pace that is ever flowing, feeding in and out of itself in a loop of repurposed energy that does nothing other than keep the wheel spinning while we, clueless, powerless, are left dumb-founded, in awe of the immensity of the universe, and fully, irrevocably – in love.

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