Lisa Stewart & Florence Freitag: i is a collective. remembering backwards. 16.06.2019. 48 Stunden Neukölln. Göttin der Weisheit. Berlin.


We wear blindfolds.

A photo wallpaper starts to speak:

ocean waves, whispering air, babbling voices in the distance.

In addition, somebody turns on the TV, in rewind,

smurfs out of the screen, scurrying around the room,

or is Alice looking for exile

because someone said „the word is the thing“?

Or just because of data confusion?

Hi girl, you’re here now,

stranded like us,

let’s have a drink,

sleep or care about the climate,

let’s just do it, it’s time to do something, y’know,

and sometimes we just gather in order to remember

where we came from,

following the voices as if they were birds in another sky.

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