Julie Cleve and Robbie Synge: a work-in-progress version of Passing Through. 16.11.2019. The Space In-Between, Sophiensæle im Rhamen von NO LIMITS Festival, Berlin.

A body wrapped in yellow, a body wrapped in blue, squished together, lifted up, tumbled over, negotiated. Contact improvisation is revealed as consent: consent to touch, to lift, to enlighten, to adventure, to go further together than one could alone. Neither body is primary, not a moment of experience on repeat. The lessons are poetic, but also practical: how can we put our hearts and heads and our bare hands together to create, to very literally build, ways for us to be together and to be with nature? Ingenuity through an open heart, craft work, and a saw. Their gaze, and words, and manner of being––the long-wrought love of old friends––are poignant, pragmatic, and joyful. We’re filled up with their artistry, humanity, and humility, as the slide in and out of time with the video behind them, making light, and shedding light, teaching, laughing, yielding, and supporting.

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