Welly O’Brien, Angela Alves, Vicky Malin, Kimberly Harvey and Hamish MacPherson. 16.11.2019. The Space In-Between, Sophiensæle, in the frame of NO LIMITS Festival, Berlin.

I look to my left: sequins everywhere, the smoothest limbs in matte stockings, leg elegantly balanced, hand slipping out, curling finger lit up by the burst of light beneath that tasseled lampshade, hair thick and rough, an inscrutable gaze are you looking at me? before a friend joins on the plushness of the couch and they weave together in a hug. I turn to my left: a bed filled with bodies, a heiress of pillows, ginger locks crunching down her forest green robe, while voices puff up like dust from below. I glance to my left: come join me, an invitation to sit one-on-one, two chairs split opposite the squareness of a table, a lamp, yellow cloth, conversation. I move to the left: a long table bursting with different voices, hands and faces, gestures and tongues, confusion, two bodies slipped under the table, four bodies atop, the ferris wheel of connection spins at the quack of a ducky, new partner, new partner, hallo, kindness, and friendship, a community of strangers. To the left…

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