Nora Chipaumire: #PUNK 100% POP *N!GGA. 22.08.2019, Tanz im August, Sophiensæle, Berlin.

My time as an European individual is over as soon as I step into the beat-heavy atmosphere where Nora Chipaumire and fellow dancer Shamar Watt are rolling out the frenzied sing-song full of mixed messages, defiant punk strides, quick duets and count-downs, encircled by a standing crowd of a curious and slightly awkward audience, and shrouded by an overall mist of ever changing Reggae-African Folk-bass groves. „271“ weiterlesen


Göksu Kunak a.k.a Gucci Chunk and Laure M. Hiendl: BERGEN, The Woman of Agonies. 04.08.2019, Ausufern, Uferstudios, Berlin

When I came home last night, the sensation of that interrupting flashlight still flickering in the space behind my eyes, I typed „Bergen singer musician“ into my Google search bar, only to find nothing; the person I was looking for had been forgotten and swallowed by history, like so many other voices and faces. „268“ weiterlesen