Yuval Pick: Acta Est Fabula. 19.09.2018, Théâtre National Populaire de Villeurbanne,
in the frame of La Biennale de la Danse, Lyon.

Quirkiness is the term which best describes these fabulous acts being carried out with a stunning reduction of decor and a wealth of coherent movement material.

The intention is to create a group by pure action: they don’t want to simply share their stage presence, no, they join in with each other to expertly „fool around” indulging in a vivid angularity whose reference to Gaga is not to be denied, but certainly does not limit the appreciation of its singularity.

Vocal utterances are splattered into the mix, whereby the first scene, a solo of neverending runs accompanied by all sorts of grunts, howls, laughs, squeaks and noises, introduces the scope of what can come out of a human’s mouth prompting the audience to react according to the sounds‘ social connotations.

Togetherness? The dancer’s nervous, edgy moves make them appear as part of a tribe – but it remains uncertain whether this element is sufficient to classify it as „belonging”.

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