Sarah Ahmed. Mind the Gap! Complaint as a Queer Method. The Present Is Not Enough – Performing Queer Histories and Futures. 21.06.2019. Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin


Wait – how did we get here who is here who is speaking when was the last time a door was shut on you have you ever had a door shut on you I remember the grin of the white man as he looked down onto me

A door appears a door closes a door opens into the unknown I am jumping heart first „261“ weiterlesen


Montag Modus Klimata #2: THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU. 06.05.2019, Künstlerhaus am Flutgraben, Berlin.

The overarching theme of this particular edition of Montag Modus seems to be the various initiatives taken by artists to positively, constructively deal with the dreadful future we are headed for as a human species, to build happier bridges towards an „after-human“ epoch and a happier relationship with the non-human.

Let us think of aliens as „258“ weiterlesen


Katye Coe with Patricia Okenwa, Matthias Sperling, Hilary Kneale, and Siobhan Davies: Subject to Change; A Less Resilient Way. 16.03.2019, Siobhan Davies Studios, London.

Full confession: I arrive slightly late, panting as I make my way up from the thousand metres of escalators that comprise London’s metro exits, running wildly down the street through traffic, launching myself up the flights of stairs at the Siobhan Davies Studio.

„256“ weiterlesen