Jule Flierl: Amazonas #1/ I INTEND TO SING. 03.02.2017. Sophiensaele, Berlin

It sounded false, loud, a mutating note that in all its quivering beauty made my heart cringe in anticipation of embarrassment, then, in the Sophiensaele Kantine, an overtone shone over Jule Fierl’s full-bodied voice, and my fear waned. The audience found itself comfortably arranged inside a sonic basket of Jule’s design, which she then carried through an elegant performative essay about her practice with sound and body. She jumped from music to monologue to danced exemplifications of her thoughts, across language and form, through the stage-less space, and from topic to topic, but the piece was one thing. In chunks and walks, the thread. Reminiscent of Rebecca Solnit, it was a generous offering of a winding artistic path, structured in that meandering feminist way; an argument need not be made when cohesive experience emerges through collage.

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