Fré Werbrouck / Cie D’ici: Phasme, Variations sur l’immobile. 06.10.2017, Raffinerie Charleroi Danses, Brussels

Picture this: a woman’s weightless body carved into the centre of a table, a barely lit skirt sweeping the floor beneath, torso lit atop, cut in two. Her beautiful movements like a melancholic animation: her shimmering bones direct her weightless movement which is apart from expectations of gravity and sound. Perhaps it is indeed a variation of a portrait – one sided light like in paintings of the Golden Age — and yet there is something more, a touch of alien texture, a reminiscence of Belgian surrealism, and eventually the flicker from which we sense the gaze of the camera. Swoop, arch your arrow, head down, swoop, arch your arrow, head… We glimpse a soft and structured study in the intermedia of dance at its static edges.

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