190 / immersion series 3

In the frame of Thomas Oberender / Tino Sehgal: Welt ohne Außen. Immersive Spaces since the 1960s. Colin Self: Xhoir II Open Session. 07.07.2018. Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin.

It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon and there are 14 of us who’ve come here to attend Colin Self’s Xhoir Open Session most of us don’t know each other

It’s formal and cosy at once we are gathered in two empty museum rooms but there are comfortable mattresses available for each participant to anchor themselves at different moments throughout the practice

At first the collective breath is short bodies and voices are tight there is fear in the room Colin addresses it several times we gotta break free from the binary of in-tune and out-of-tune

Through echoing each other’s voices a feeling of togetherness threads the rooms together we transform from a group of anxious strangers to a vibrant soundscape

Polyphonic unison

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